The field of Exercise Oncology examines physical activity & exercise in the context of cancer. Specifically, this field examines the therapeutic effect of different types of physical activity to reduce cancer risk, compliment treatment, and improve cancer-specific outcomes, including survival. While there is strong evidence that exercise is safe and feasible in this population and that it improves health-related fitness and quality of life for survivors both during and after cancer treatments, more evidence is needed regarding the direct benefit of exercise on recurrence, progression, and survival. Further, how to bridge this information and implement it into “real-world” settings is essential.

As advancing the field of Exercise Oncology has the potential to affect millions of cancer survivors, it is our intention that the Exercise Oncology Twitter Conference (#ExOncTC) will allow for a) sharing knowledge to continue to advance our field forward and b) achieving this agenda in a very specific way: the use of social media (and, specifically, Twitter). Using this digital medium for this event is designed to promote open and inclusive science and provide the ability to share information, encourage collaboration, and provide real-time networking opportunities from researchers, clinicians, and patients from across the globe, particularly when costs associated with conference travel are high. As many scientists are now utilizing social media to accelerate & amplify their scientific impact and patients are connecting to the larger cancer community in this same manner, this event is more relevant and applicable than ever before. This idea that we can improve the field of Exercise Oncology via this real-time sharing of our work & ideas will help continue to shape the overall narrative of what Exercise Oncology is.

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