Abstract Submission/Participant Registration

How do I join?

You may join either as a presenter or as a participant.


Presenters will be asked to give “their talk” through a series of 6 tweets over the course of 15 minutes. During this 15 minutes, presenters may be asked to respond to audience questions regarding the topic presented. Abstract guidelines and submission form can be found below. For more information seeĀ Rules & guidelines.


Abstract guidelines:

Abstracts should follow standard formatting for scientific conferences, including title, objectives, methods, results and conclusion. Abstracts should be limited to 250 words. In an effort to have a worldwide reach and maximise participation, abstracts submitted to the 2018 ExOncTC conferenceĀ do not need to contain original data. Previously presented abstracts or reviews of important topics relevant to exercise oncology will also be considered. Whilst the theme of this conference is “exercise oncology”, submissions from closely related fields such as nutrition and physiotherapy will also be considered.

**Abstract submission forms for presenters will also serve as registration for the conference. PresentersĀ will not need to complete the registration form.

Abstract submission form



Participants are encouraged to follow along with talks and comment/ask questions. This is an excellent opportunity to receive access to leading experts in the area of exercise oncology. Registered participants will be added to the conference Twitter list. Having a list of registered participants allows us to measure the impact of this conference worldwide!

Participant registration form

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